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Yeah…us too. That’s why we created Good Deal Magazine. The easiest and cheapest way to reach the most people in Anchorage. Period.

Your ads should be crazy effective, not crazy expensive!

Whatever you do, Good Deal Magazine can help you do more of it.

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Be Smart with Your Marketing Dollars

Good Deal Magazine is crazy effective, not crazy expensive. We pay for half of your first ad!

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Delivered to 28,500+ Homes

Minimum household income $100,000

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Pickup Locations Throughout Anchorage

High traffic locations ONLY. See full map here.

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How it Works

Step 1: We design your ad (50% off)

Change your ad every issue at no extra charge

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Step 2: We mail your ad to over 28,500 homes with household incomes over $100,000

You only pay half!

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Step 3: Get more customers.

More dollars, less drama.

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Free Graphic Design. Unlimited Revisions.

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Massive Exposure. Tiny Investment.

“I needed 1 client to break even, I got 40”

– Jade, Anchorage Remote Start and Sound

Results by the Numbers


Of people who pick up the magazine buy something


People with $100K household income are TWICE as likely to use coupons


Our readers’ minimum household income


Households receive the magazine every issue

Affordable Advertising that Works

As a small business, we know how hard it can be to find your next customer. So when it comes to marketing, every dollar counts. That’s why we offer the most affordable way to reach the most Anchorage residents…period. So you can find your next customer without breaking the bank.

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All ads are full pages

Full page ads allow you to have multiple offers without crowding the page.

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Why full page ads?

  • Full page ads are more effective.
  • Full page ads allow for more information about your business.
  • Full pages have room for you to give readers more reasons to do business with you.
  • Full page ads look more professional.
  • Full page ads limit the number of advertisers to 64.

Half Page Ad

We recommend no more than two or three offers on a half-page ad to be most effective.

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1/4 Page Ad

Super affordable, super effective. While we do love a good offer, it’s not necessary in all cases.

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Our Pickup Locations

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